Elizabeth grew up with a profound love of the arts. She explored dance, music, art and photography. 

Though she loves it all, painting is what she pursued. She is thankful every day for the ability to pursue her passion. 

Elizabeth studied at the Glassell School of Fine Arts. She studied art and history at Sam Houston State University. She also studied design and advertising at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. 

Her medium is oil on canvas. 

She typically paints in abstraction because of the creative freedom it brings her. 



Elizabeth seeks to communicate her reaction to both internal and external influences through paint, photography and sculpture. Some themes have been portrayed in her work such as the visceral nature of betrayal, the sexual tension between defined gender roles, societal regulations and the power and destruction of opposing forces. 

The visual style of Elizabeth's work includes light and dark contrasts, dramatic use of shadowing and color as well as disorientation to skew the narrative. Her use of intensity, movement and color are used to communicate universal truths.