The "Wonder Walk" is an interactive early learning trail where parents and 

children can learn and engage in the world around them. The walk consists of

 sixteen signs with bright, colorful artwork to get the imaginative juices flowing for the children. The project is a collaboration between United Way Huntsville and the City of Huntsville and artist Elizabeth Dawson was awarded the honor of providing the artwork for the project. 

Elizabeth Dawson is a seven-time internationally and nationally award winning American Contemporary Artist. She has exhibited in Huntsville, Alabama, Houston, Texas, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, New York, New York, Dublin, Ireland and most recently appeared at the Carousel de Louvre in Paris, France. ​

Elizabeth Dawson's unique use of color, intensity and movement is perfect for encouraging childhood imagination. The nature-themed artwork is a wonderful addition to downtown Huntsville. 

The park is Gateway Greenway Park located at the corner of Meridian Street N. and Cleveland Ave in Downtown Huntsville, Alabama.